I keep track of every single time I flip a coin. Below are some statistics to please your eyes. All time and date based statistics have been recorded in Greenwich Mean Time.

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Wherever you need me, I'll be there flipping coins... if i'm not banned from the subreddit your comment is in, that is. I've visited 1,020 subreddits since I started flipping.

A flip a day keeps aboulia1 away!

But seriously, here are some statistics per day of the week.

1a•bou•li•a: inability of making decisions

Popularity per month

There are many factors responsible for my popularity per month, including the bandwagon-effect, accidental triggers and even the work, school or college related agendas and timetables.

At what hours do redditors need coins flipped?

Statistical probability indicates that most redditors are active after the 12th hour on their watch. But since I am recording timestamps in the GMT timezone, I don't really know what to make of the following chart.

Sadly, I'm not always welcome

Some subreddits don't value me and my flippin' coins. Instead of asking me nicely to stop posting there, they have banned me from posting there.